Bee Removal

Environment Friendly Nuisance Bee Removal

Orange Pest Control is a Certified Pest Operator that has been licensed to treat bees, by Florida law only certified CPO's are allowed to do this. If you spot a bee hive near your home, first never disturb it and secondly call a Bee Certified Pest Operator as soon as you get a chance.Today in South Florida most bees have been Africanized, so if in the past we have always been careful around bees, now we have to be extra careful.  Africanized honey bees defend their nests more fiercely, in greater numbers and for longer distances. Orange Pest Control has been serving South Florida for over 25 years and after years of testing in our own backyards we can offer our clients a cost effective, environmentally friendly bee-hive removal service. All of our bee removal services are guaranteed for 30 days and call-backs are included at no extra charge. Our experts will also provide you with recommendations on any modifications needed in order to prevent future infestations including sanitary modifications or structural exclusions.

 Scope of Work

1. The first step in bee hive removal is finding the location of the hive. It may seem like this would be an easy task but sometimes bee hives are located in hard to reach areas such as inside walls, crawl spaces, water meters, and other open structure that bees can get in. 


3. We use the most effective bee removal treatment in the available in market today using a 3 step process:

First our fully trained technician applies an octopamine blocking agent, this all natural product slows down their organisms. Secondly, once the bees are slow and lethargic this is when we remove the bee hive and securely deposit it in a safe container. The last step is to quickly spray a thick coat of organic insecticide dust on the bee hive opening to stop any further activity. After this the bee hive is safely removed from the property.



2. Wearing protective clothing is the key to an effective bee removal. Our technicians are fully suited with bee suit, veil, and mask as well as protective gloves making sure no skin is exposed. To ensure the safety of everyone the area to be treated is also sectioned off with caution tape. 


4. Orange Pest Control has you covered. We want to make sure that you are safe even after we remove the bee-hive. We provide you with a 30 day warranty from the initial treatment date and will perform any further re-treatment necessary, free of charge.

This bee removal treatment is non-toxic and can be performed without the evacuation of the home and it is 100% guaranteed. 

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