Ecogreen non tenting termite control
Ecogreen non tenting termite control


Our Termite Treatments use the most reliable and effective but least toxic technique for Termite Control: Non-Tenting termite Treatments. This technique, unlike Tenting treatments, does not require the evacuation of it’s tenants or the removal of food, pets, fish tanks nor plants.  With a long track record of being effective in South Florida, it works by injecting an insecticide into any wood surface with signs of infestation and once a few termites come in contact with this non-repelling product they then deliver the product directly to the termite population and finally reaching the queen.  The ultimate advantage is the residual effect of the product which will remain active in the wood after treatment preventing any future infestations.  All of our services are guaranteed and unlimited call-backs are included at no extra charge. Our experts will also provide you with recommendations on any modifications needed in order to prevent future infestations including sanitary modifications or structural exclusions.

scope of work


Orange Pest Control will conduct a thorough inspection of the entire home inside and out to determine extent of termite infestation. Detecting where the termites have traveled from and how far they have spread will allow us to develop a long-term solution for you that will eliminate your current termite problem.


Perform a Preventative treatment in all attics and crawl spaces, to eliminate transfer of infestation from one area to another, and to prevent re-infestations. Not only do we want to fix your termite problem, but we want to ensure it’ll never happen again.​ This is the mentality and business model of Orange Pest Control.


Treat Infested areas including doorframes, windowsills, interior wood framing walls, ceilings, etc, will be treated by injection with foam and/or liquid with the use of Termidor. Termidor is an odorless insecticide that protects homes by killing wood-destroying termites, carpenter ants and other pests.


Orange Pest Control warrants it will perform any further re-treatment it finds necessary, free of charge for the period of one year from initial treatment date. This warranty can be renewed yearly.