Our services rodent control
Our services rodent control
Our services rodent control

Effective Rat and Mice Extermination Services

Orange Pest Control’s effective Rodent Control Program consists of creating an outside perimeter barrier that will prevent mice and rodents from entering your property. By strategically placing bait stations in child and pet-proof stations, mice and rodents will get the bait not children and pets. Snap traps will also be placed indoors if necessary. All of our services are guaranteed and unlimited call-backs are included at no extra charge. Our experts will also provide you with recommendations on any modifications needed in order to prevent future infestations including sanitary modifications or structural exclusions.



Roof rats
Roof rats

The roof rat is one of the most common types of rodents that you might find in your Florida house or yard. Knowing what to look for can help you get rid of them faster. Covered in fur, they have a long tail and can be up to 12 inches long. They are dark brown or black with a lighter-colored stomach and their ears and tail are hairless. This allows them to climb along wires and up poles.

scope of work


Orange Pest Control will conduct a thorough inspection of the entire home inside and out to determine extent of rodent infestation.

Treating rodents around the exterior of your home is very important, in that it protects your home from both rodent damage and pest infestation in the future. Treating invasions in these areas can save money in both short-term and long-term costs.


Strategically place and fill children and pet-proof rodent bait stations around the outside ground    perimeter of the property.

Bait stations will be labeled and dated. Snap traps to be placed inside if necessary. Rodents, though small in size, are very destructive. They work together to cause destruction and spreads disease while doing so. Finding these rodents early on is important for both the safety of your home and the health of other animals around it. 


As part of an Integrated Pest Management approach, we will also make exclusionary recommendations of any possible areas of entry which contribute to rodent infestation as well as trimming back trees, palm trees and other landscaping that may promote rodent population.


Unlimited callbacks during the period of your program. If you are experiencing a problem just call the office and we will schedule a call-back service and the technician will come and take care of your problem FREE OF CHARGE.

There are three primary causes of rodent infestations in homes:

  1. Improper or nonexistent pest control by a property owner, a tenant who does not reveal the extent of the infestation when moving out, or a resident who is unable to control an existing infestation.
  2. Weather conditions that allow rodents to burrow near your home and find food.
  3. Rodents that wander inside the home from outdoors via open doors, open windows, or through pet doors.