10 Things You Can Do To Prevent Insects This Fall

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We don't just spray for spraying, we actually utilize an Integrated Pest Management approach in which our Pest Control technicians become "Pest control Scientists" by observing, collecting and analyzing their observations, and formulating solutions that protect the customer’s facility in an environmentally responsible manner rather than by simply spraying product according to prescribed, standard procedures. This effective pest management strategy minimizes the use of pesticides in your home but at the same time eliminates any problems you may have right from the source...this way you can finally be pest-free.

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​With over 25 years experience in Commercial and Residential Lawn and Pest Control Services we know what we´re doing and we have many happy customers throughout South Florida to prove it. Here are a few of our most valued clients that have selected us for their Lawn & Pest Control needs year after year: Broward County, City of Coral Springs,City of Pompano Beach, City of Boca Raton, Hollywood Airport, Broward Convention Center,Tri-County Wide U.S. Immigration Offices, Broward Housing Authority, Miami Housing Authority, West Palm Beach Housing Authority, Coastal Cottages US Coast Guard and many more.



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  1. Clean and de-clutter roofs, gutters and drain pipes. After a long summer, these areas can easily create harborage areas for insects and easy access to your home.

  2. Trim back trees and bushes away from all structures at least a foot or two away. Insects and rodents can use these plants as bridges and find entrances to your home.

  3. Clear and de-clutter possible harborage areas like: attics, basements, garages, perimeters, patios and sheds. Throughout the summer we have been busy with landscaping, home improvement projects and kids playing around leaving stuff all over the place, this creates easy harborage areas where insects and rodents can hide.

  4. Make sure all windows and doors are well sealed and weather proofed and that screens are in good condition. Just like air-conditioning and heating can escape through windows and doors increasing electric bills, insects can use these openings to enter your home.

  5. Repair any cracks or crevices found in any structure of the house. By sealing any cracks and crevices especially around water, electrical or heating pipes will reduce the access of insects into your home.

  6. Check your sprinkler system to make sure they are in good condition and that water is equally spread among the yard and that no water is being sprinkled on the house structure. This will not only help keep a well-watered and green lawn but also minimize water damage and moisture buildup in the structure of the house that may attract mildew, mold and other insects.

  7. Thoroughly clean your home especially in hard to reach areas like under furniture and behind appliances, under rugs, etc. Insects don’t like to be disturbed, especially spiders, making hard to reach and cluttered places ideal for them.

  8. Make sure trash bins have securely fit lids. This will keep rodents, insects and wildlife from entering your garbage and making a mess of things.

  9. All recyclables and their bins must be rinsed and cleaned out before putting out for pickup. Dirty bins and food residue in recyclables can attract insects and rodents.

  10. Organize your pantry and get rid of expired items and make sure all open packages are kept in sealed containers. Sometimes products come from grocery stores infested with moths, beetles or other insects.  This will keep them from spreading into other areas of the home.

A  well maintained, clean and organized home is less enticing for insects and rodents.  These practices will help you and your pest control company maintain a pest free environment with minimum pest control technician visits and pesticide applications.

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When temperatures drop and food becomes scarce insects and rodents migrate indoors looking for food and harborage.  Here are some tips on how to prevent them from entering your home:


Clean and de-clutter roofs, gutters and drain pipes. After a long summer, these areas can easily create harborage areas for insects and easy access to your home.