What do Termites Look Like

 How to Identify Termites and Look for Evidence

1. Evidences of Damage


There are several things you need to look for before determining if you have a Termite Infestation:


1. Is it termite damage? What other evidence can I find?

2. Is it water damage or wood rot?

3. Could it be carpenter ant damage?

4. Or maybe wood boring beetles?



Termite Damage
Termite Damage

Drywood Termite Damage, evidence of infestation.

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Termite droppings
Termite droppings

Termite Droppings or frass is another evidence of infestation

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Precence of Wings
Precence of Wings

Wings found near window sills could indicate a termite infestation

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2. Evidence Of Flying Insects


During the warmer months of the year the first signs that you'll notice of a termite infestation will be flying insects during swarming season. During swarming season there will be evidence found of dead flying insects and their wings. This is mating season for termites and at the same time they are looking to create new termite colonies. At this point termites can be confused with carpenter ants.They both grow wings during swarming seasons.



3. Distinguish Between Termites vs. Ants


Damage from termites can be confused with damage created by carpenter ants. Here are a few differences that can help you identify a termite vs. an ant:


  1. Termites build nests towering towards the sky, whereas the ants build nests either under the ground or in the leaves.

  2. Termite droppings are like little wood pellets the size of a pin heads uniform in shape and size.  The dropping can be found on floor surfaces or window sills.  The color of the termite dropping depends on the type of wood they built their colony in, ranging from light brown to dark brown.

  3. The termites have wide bodies and short legs when compared to ants that have small bodies and long legs.

  4. Unlike the ants, the termites do not have eyes.

  5. Termites have soft bodies, without the hard exoskeleton that is visible in ants.

  6. The termite kings and queens have straight beaded antennae, broad waist, two wing pairs (of same size),

  7. Narrow veins in the wings and short legs. When looking at the Ant king and queen, they have elbowed antennae, two wing sets (rear wings smaller then front wings), narrow waist and long legs.

  8. When compared to termites, ants are more agile.

  9. Finally termite bodies have two segments vs. ant bodies which have three segments.

Termites Vs. Ants
Termites Vs. Ants

Take a good look at the body parts to find the main differences between termites and ants

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Florida Drywood Termite
Florida Drywood Termite

Although from the same species, termites that belong to different castes can look very different

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